The Sound Mind Garden

The Sound Mind Garden is a work of art and music. It was weaved together as an official business in 2020 after years of inner preparations and work. We are artists of sacred sound and music, lifelong students of ancient mystery teachings, and full time residents of Joshua Tree, CA.

The Sound Mind Garden has been providing soundbaths in Joshua Tree greater area since 2019. We are offering both small group sacred sound and soundscape sessions and larger events entertainment performances suited for weddings, retreats, engagement parties, concerts.


To connect people with their inner ecosystem through the use of sacred sound and soundscape music; and to deepen empathy through the art of deep listening and inner awareness. 


To become a company where customers are empowered to be the stewards of their inner and therefore their outer ecosystem by deepening empathy through sound and music, for the benefit of all beings and creation.


Our values are honesty, integrity, diversity and inclusion (based on ethnicity, gender, disability, age, sex, religion), and giving back to local community.

*We reserve the right not to provide services to individuals based on unethical, violent, aggressive, entitled, or manipulative conduct.

Ethics Principles

Our ethics principals follow the principles of Earth Care, People Care, and Fair Share. Is what we are doing covering all 3 principles listed below?

Earth care is the awareness as us being the nature we are surrounded by. This means that we follow the leave no waste behind, watch where you step and sit, blending in with the sounds of nature, and honoring the concept that humans are part of the nature as opposed to being on top of the nature.

People care means building a community of friends and family; of people who reflect our core values; and staying a valuable member in the community. It means being the present moment awareness, and showing up in the integrity of mind, speech and conduct when it comes to our clients, friends, family, and ourselves. 

Fair share means returning surplus by governing our own needs; Can
we set aside resources for Earth and People Care?

Our Name and Its Meaning

The words “sound mind” are taken from the greek word “sophroneo”, which is a compound word combining words “sodzo” and “phroneo”.

The greek word “sodzo” means to be saved or delivered. It suggests something that is revived, rescued, protected and is now safe and secure. There is one other etymologic meaning to the word “sodzo”; and it depicts a person who was on the verge of metaphorical death, but then was revived and resuscitated because new life was breathed into him/her/them.

The greek word “phroneo” carries the idea of a person’s intelligence, or total frame of thinking – including his/her/their rationale, logic, and emotions. It refers to every part of the human mind, including all the processes that are engaged in making the mind function and perceive clearly. 

Now when the two words discussed (“sodzo” and “phroneo”) are compounded into one word, they make a new word “sophroneo” which pictures a mind that has been revived, salvaged, rescued, protected and is now safe and secure.

The word “garden” in the name represents (in the ancient mystery teachings) the unobstructed body of Adam and Eve, Śrī Macchanda Nātha and his equal Śakti, the consort pairs representing the integration and union of the masculine and feminine energy, and also representing the Pefected Light-Body Mahāsiddhas. 

Giving Salutation
to Lineages

Our Salutations go to the enlightened masters of the lineages:

Glorious Śambhu Nātha and Mā Prānaśakti, the All-Auspicious Sadāśiva – Nondual Compassionate Essence of all Gurus, Immortal Dattātreya – King of Aghoris, Mārkaṇḍeya ṛṣi – Seer of the Mahāmṛtyunjaya, Vasiṣṭha ṛṣi – Wise and Skillful Guru, Durvāsas ṛṣi – Śaiva preceptor, his disciple Śri Kṛṣṇa – The Great Dharma King, Śrī Macchanda Nātha – First of the Perfected Light-Body Mahāsiddhas and his equal Śakti – Konkanamba, Virūpākṣa Mahāsiddha – Śiva as Individual, Lopāmudrā – Great Yoginī and Śrī Vidyā Adept, Jñānanetra Siddha – Krama Sampradāya founder, Keyūravatī – Powerful Siddha Yoginī & Krama lineage holder… Hrasva Nātha – Master of the Direct Method of Liberation, his nephew Cakrabhānu – Lineage Holder and ecstatic dreadlocked Ascetic Yogi, Iśani – Great Yoginī Mahāguru of the Krama, Prabodha – the hermit, Bhūtiraja – Krama Guru of Śrī Abhinavagupta, Nāga – Great Poet-Sage, Vasugupta – Seer of the Śiva Sutras, Kallaṭa – Adept of the Spanda, Somānanda – First Trika-Pratyabhijñā Guru, his disciple Utpala Deva – Realized Yogi Scholar and 2nd Great Lineage Holder of the Trika-Pratyabhijñā, Śri Abhinavagupta – Great Lord of Tantra who combined all the streams of nondual Śaivism into one, Ānanda Māyi Mā, Ecstatic Yoginῑ and Kālī incarnate, Śri Nityānanda Baba – Śiva Incarnate, Neem Karoli Baba – Hanuman Siddha, Svāmi Rudrānanda – First American Siddha, Śrī Sukhman Giri – The Great Tantrik Yoginῑ and Śrī Svāmi Sivānanda Sārasvatī Mahāraja – Emanation of Compassion and Wisdom…

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