What is soundbath

Soundbath is a deeply meditative experience, and the best part is that you don't have to do anything special, other than just be. The body has a beautiful capacity to hear itself but often does not recognize if it is out of harmony. Once we introduce harmonic sounds, the body can then reference itself and tune into harmony, and peace naturally.

The benefits of soundbath sessions are vast:

Deepens relaxation.

Lowers stress and anxiety.

Improves mood and well-being.

Improves sleep.

Heightens focus and energy.

Leaves one feeling rejuvenated.

Elevates feelings of spiritual well-being.

Improves sleep.

Decreases tension and fatigue.

Calms body and mind.

Common soundbath instruments may include:

Crystal or Tibetan bowls






Tuning Forks



What other practitioners had said:

“The beauty of working with sound in meditation is that it can quite literally tune us into a state of calm and peace,” says Avery Whitmore, an LA- based sound practitioner. “Our brain will naturally begin to synchronize with the rhythm of music, so as we play slower, calming rhythms, we can ease our mind into slower brain wave states.”
“A sound bath is meditation,” an NYC and New Jersey-based sound practitioner Phyllicia Bonanno said: “With these singing bowls, we are able to feel the vibrations flowing through our body and get into a deep, relaxed state, almost like a trance. You are actually being cleansed with the sound.”

Each note you hear in a sound bath has a purpose. It’s more than just a string of beautiful sounds tied together — there is an intention behind every note and every sequence.

How will you feel during and after the soundbath?

Every experience is different, and no one person will have the same experience. Some people see colors and shapes, others have memories resurface, and some even find a way to speak with those who have crossed into Spirit world. Some people fall asleep, and wake up and go through cycles of this throughout the session.

After the soundbath, you may have gone through a range of emotions, and you may be feeling anywhere from blissful to spaced out. Most people feel an overall sense of peace and harmony within.

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