“The soundbath was absolutely magical and we will never forget it.”


“The Sound Mind Garden has been providing soundbaths in the Joshua Tree greater area since 2019. We are offering both small group soundscape sessions and larger events entertainment performances suited for weddings, retreats, engagement parties, concerts.”

Invitation by Petra


What people had said…


"It was my first time ever participating in a sound bath and let me tell you it was wonderful and relaxing. My daughter enjoyed it also! Petra was so wonderful and her spirit brought so much tranquility and love!"


"To start our stay in Joshua Tree off with positive energy and good intentions, we took part in a soundbath. It was nourishing and therapeutic for my soul. Many thanks to The Sound Mind Garden for hosting."


"The experience was magical and the perfect way to start my birthday morning. Thank you for the photos and making arrangements to make this happen for me today. I really appreciate it."


"What an absolutely incredible experience The Sound Mind Garden provided for my friends and I on our trip to Joshua Tree. It was the perfect bonding experience for us and we absolutely loved every second of it. Ryan was so kind and taught us so much about the experience itself. We highly recommend!"

Anna C.

“Hi Petra,


From all of us: THANK YOU. We all enjoyed the soundbath so very much, and we know our experience had everything to do with you and your absolute radiant presence. Thank you for sharing your time with us and we look forward to seeing you in the future when we venture back out to the magical desert.


Thank you thank you thank you.”


"Petra definitely brings the calming energy to the sound bath. The experience was completely elevating and I was so relaxed even hours after we were done. Would definitely recommend if you are traveling to Joshua Tree!"


"Petra created a gorgeous experience for my family with her intricate sounds and gentle approach. My 2 teens, husband and I were surrounded by the vibrations of love from the Universe which came through Petra. One hour felt like 15 mins! Even my reluctant kids (who had eye-rolled the idea at first) thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I am so grateful to Petra for engaging them in her introduction and setting the stage just right. It was the perfect way to start our lovely morning – feeling centered and very connected with our breath and our beautiful surroundings."


"Thank you for the most wonderful experience! It was so special for the two of us, and it was so nice to hear your story.We will definitely return to Joshua Tree someday, hopefully in the not-so-distant future, and would love another soundbath session. All the best to you and your family."


"I wanted to take the time to sincerely thank you again for such a wonderfully magical and rejuvenating experience during our sound bath meditation. Leading our busy lives and living in different parts of the country, it is rare that our friend group gets the chance to connect all together in person. My friends and I continue to relish in the positive energy and calming presence that you graced us with that energized and yet relaxed us so much. This was truly exactly what we needed after a few long and arduous years!"


"The sound bath was amazing and it was our most favorite activity at our retreat! You have such talent! Thank you so much for making my birthday retreat so special and healing."


"Thank you for that night! It was an amazing experience especially as a group of close friends and really made that weekend special and memorable, we were all so happy afterward."

S. Valdiva

"This weekend was so much fun, but also, unexpectedly, made me open my heart and soul more than I thought! The scenery, ambiance, and craving for a spiritual experience was taken to a whole new level when we decided to have a sound bath. What a soulful experience. I can only describe it as cathartic. As a collective, we felt an undeniable shift. What a blessing to be able to have friends within family to which you feel safe and comfortable being vulnerable around. I have returned more self aware, and willing to work on me. Safe to say, this trip was a success. Thank you, The Sound Mind Garden for coming to us and being non judgmental, and sharing your beautiful spirit with us!"


"I wanted to thank you so much for being part of my birthday and being a guide for us on such a spiritually significant weekend. You created an absolutely beautiful and heartfelt meditation/sound bath for us, it was a truly special experience. Thank you for your gift! The group loved it and it will be such an amazing memory for us all!"


"Petra, We can’t thank you enough!! Nathan and I both really enjoyed our session with you. We had such a beautiful experience and the effects are carrying on. We had an amazing, relaxing evening; slept great and feel at peace this morning. Wow! What an incredible memory, You are so special! Also, thank you for the drum. Our son Angus is going to love playing with this. I am looking forward to taking him to a sound bath and seeing you again when we return to Joshua Tree! "


“Petra! Thank you thank you thank you! Being with us yesterday truly opened up our sisterhood circle and carried us into a magical space of exploration and discovery! The girls shared that it was their BEST sound bath experience ever! We are so grateful for your gift to us!”

The Sound Mind Garden

The Sound Mind Garden is a work of art and music. It was weaved together as an official business in 2020 after years of inner preparations and work. We are artists of sacred sound and music, lifelong students of ancient mystery teachings, and full time residents of Joshua Tree, CA. Read more…

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